Monday, January 31, 2011

The day I met my VP...

Things were getting so damn busy after I came back from Seoul. And of course I need to prepare the report, chinese new year is around the corner, etc. I just go with the flow.

While preparing my report at 5pm that one fine FRIDAY evening, Mr M met me and asked if I could join the meeting with my VP later that noon at 5.30pm.


Mr M : Can u join me for meeting with VP Mr C...?
Cik B : (Speechless... Is that an order or invitation). Tak nak la Mr M. U jela pegi, dia nak jumpa u je. Bukan I.
Mr M : Alah... Jom la sekali. U, myself n Mr AM.
Cik B : Ala Mr M I tak biasa la jumpa2 VP ni. I print kan u the material. U present ye.
Mr M : U can cost expert...
Cik B : (Expert la sangat... Nak membujuk aku pegi la tu) yela2... (Dengan tarik muka seposen... Rayuan ku tak diterima! )

For the 2nd time I met Mr M and beg him for me not to join the meeting but failed (dlam hati Mr M agaknya... Ada aku kesah). Time already 5.10pm and I'm still in the office printing the material for only 1 copy. Rushed to LRT station to KLCC while my mouth keep on selawat banyak2. Scared to death, I'm not prepared. Prepare to be sliced.

In the train, Mr M called me.

Mr M : Where are u?
Cik B : In the LRT la... OTW!
Mr M : Mr R just told me it is postponed to 6pm... (Buat kelam kabut aku je). How many copy u print?
Cik B : Satu je la... (Tadi tanak cakap... Mode nyampah)
Mr M : Ok u go to LXX and print 5 copies, we meet at LXX.
Cik B : Ok! (Boleh ke cakap tak ok?)

So again I rushed to LXX to print another copies. I met this beautiful secretary of somebody which is very nice and willing to help me printout the document. While busy opening my laptop and blocked the path to somebody office, someone came up.

Ms H : Siapa ni?
Cik B : (While not looking at her) Sorry2 kak.
Ms H : KAKAK! (Sambil cegil mata kat ku)
Cik B : (I looked at her and OMG... She is one of the GM and that beautiful girl is her secretary.... I'm a dead meat) Sorry puan!

I messed up and in a very deep shit or what ever u wanna call it the worst day ever in my life. That point of time I cursed Mr M for doing this to me. I really feel like nak terjun bangunan at that moment.

After that I rushed to LXX to the VP's Office. Nobody was there yet except Mr AM. Dalam hati menyumpah seranah semua orang, tuhan aje yang tau. Then my GM came up but didn't bother me at all coz I was going to meet my VP even higher than him. So weird as I alwiz hate to see him too. All of us was there except for Mr M, which is trapped in the traffic (yoyo soh aku pegi cepat, las2 dia lambat jugak). Finally he came and we went to his room.

Inside my heart I know that Mr C only want to meet Mr M and I'm just the pom pom girl to cheer him up.

Go Mr M! Go Mr M! Go Go Go

When the discussion started, I have a butterfly in my stomach.. Or may be not a butterfly, a tiger may be. I was shivering and my mouth can't speak. OMG! What happened to me! They don't ask me any question yet and cik biskut looks like macam nampak hantu.
Mr C my VP is known as very the garang one. I'm only ikan bilis yang hanya akan dilanyak anytime.

The moment he entered the room he smiled widely to see Mr M. He likes him very much but Mr M deserve that. He works so hard for that project. He is one of my PM idol actually. Hahaha.

So when I started present he was in a good mood, lucky me huh! Everything went so smoothly with him. Alhamdulillah despite all the messed this evening. I'm so happy. Some people might say "alah setakat jumpa VP, I meet VP everyday what" but its different in my case. I'm just an average people who only love my job and don't care bout all the top people. Meeting them is a nightmare. He was happy with my findings and at the end I wished him :

"Gong Xi Fa Chai Mr C"

Aaahhhhh finished 1 chapter. Legaaaaa noooohhhh. Everything went smoothly. Thank to Mr M as well, that drive this project very well up to Mr C expectation. (Dapat 1 la kau tahun ni Mr M). Well he deserve it. Baru je tarik nafas lega, than my GM said, "let's go and meet Mr S (my SGM)",

Again OMG!

Not again. Well this time is different, since I've met my VP I don't feel afraid anymore.

Ohhh he is just the SGM, I've met my VP just now (ayat belagak). Hahaha. The discussion with Mr S went smoothly as well. Again Mr M score point there. I guess this is just office politics between them and I'm trapped in this. All the discussion continue up to 10pm ok. We even discussed dalam gelap coz office dah lights off. Hahaha sooo funny this mgt people.

Relieved and that's what I feel at that moment. My beloved hubby fetch me up together with the kids that night. Alhamdulillah I feel blessed.

This will mark another milestone in my career as I never dream to meet VP this early.

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Lama gila cik biskut tak update blog. Ke'busy'an melanda. Bukan buat2 ye.

As I metioned earlier in my previous post that cik biskut will be going to SEOUL. And now I'm back.

~view from our apartment M Chereville~


The trip to Seoul I guess is a great start for me in early 2011. Cik biskut n family was planning for winter trip somewhere around UK end of this year. Tapi alhamdulillah, rezeki datang awal and granted my son wish to play snow last year. Mission accomplished.

Cik biskut takde la berharap sangat nak pegi this time as I know my company very well. But finally its mine.

The trip was awesome. U saw my title:


Seoul welcomed us with snow the day we touchdown and also on our way back to Malaysia. Soooo nice!

What cik biskut attracted the most is the people & the transportation system. Despite the weather during our visit which claimed to be the coldest in 10 years (-17 deg C), everything was great to me. It will be nicer if we have a chance to go there again not during winter.

I missed the "Must Go" place for Malaysian - Nimi Island from the drama series Winter Sonata. Too bad. When travelling with kids you know what will happen. Jalan sekejap nak makan la, jalan sekejap nak buang air la, nak itu, nak ini. Well! It comes with the package rite. We also missed to visit Namdaemun Market, a place with famous Korean Silk and brooch (somebody told me that!). Anyhow this is supposed to be bussiness trip not a holiday trip. Huhu. So what do u expect kan.

Below are some of the places that we managed to go :

1. Itaewon
This is the first place we shoot after arrived. The reason being is because this place is where you can get your HALAL food supply. Everything is there and even halal restaurant for you to eat. Marvellous as cik biskut will normally cook when outstation knowing perut melayu en hubby and the kids. I only cook in oversea ... Not in my country (ayat sila lempang)

2. Seoul Land

This is where we can play snow as this place is a bit colder than other place. Its actually a themepark but during winter not many of the rides is open. So they create a place where we can SLEIGHT. Mak datuk bes gila ok. Cik biskut rasa maknya yang terover dari anak. Orang lain naik Sleight relax je, cik biskut punya jerit mak aihhh. Nasib baik takde org Malaysia tengok. Mengalahkan bebudak kecik korea tu.

The day we visited this place was the coldest day (-17 deg C). Horror ok. Jarak perjalanan from the Subway to the main entrance was few hundreds meters away. We ran as fast as we could just to reach the cofee shop to get warm. It was terrible I can say, I almost canceled the plan to go to this place. Dalam hati rugi la. I only have few days to spend here. So nak tak nak cik biskut gagahkan jua. Kesia kat my kenit2 kesejukan. But it was FUN.

3. Insadong

With kids together in this trip time management is very bad. And plus kesian jugak kat si kenit2 tu nak heret kesana sini. Half day hubby went to Itaewon again to buy more food. And after that we rushed to Insadong where we can get all type of souvenirs there. I'm a fridge magnet lover. So apa lagi kan. Rembat la apa yang patut.

4. Dongdaemun

This place is very special. some say that this place is very famous with shoe. But there also got other things as well like winter coat, woman clothing, and the what is so special bout this place is...

It open up to 5 am!

I've never seen any place like this before. It is so happening, got concert, people dance on stage, etc. Happening la!

5. Gangnam

Gangnam was very famous for youngster lepaking at night. So in night time the place is happening gila. Even some shop close at 12 pm. Nite life in Gangnam :

We stayed at one of the service apartment in Gangnam, M Chereville. The place was nice and the staff was very helpful.

~Our apartment in Gangnam M Chereville. Abaikan model sambilan di atas. Sorang tengah merajuk. Sorang excited~

We used to go to the Dunkin Donut here (kat malaysia tak masuk ok). But here the choice of food and beverages was different as in Malaysia. I love the hot cocoa, chaux and also bagel. Kids love them too as well as en hubby.

~Bagel with cream cheese~

~French Chaux or Cream Puff in Malaysia~

6. Samsung Office (Dogok)

Cik biskut can't barely remember where is exactly the Samsung office located. But what I can remember is the nearest Subway station is Dogok. It cost me about 1500KRW from my hotel in Gangnam (500KRW refund if u return the ticket). The offfice is nice with all the appliances is from Samsung brand (of course) and what I admire the most is.....


Hahahahahaha... u know why? See below pic.

~Nampak tak button hijau tu... thats the DRIER~

There are so many buttons, which I don't really understand what does it means as it is in Korean. It looks like normal toilet but with a DRIER. You heard me.... with a DRIER. I loughed like mad whwn i pushed the button. But its cool. In Samsung office, i learn to drink aloe vera juice and it was awesome. I bring 2 bottle back to Malaysia. Haha.

~I like this~

Cik biskut also managed to have korean cuisine in one of the restaurant near office. Thanx to Zack and Mira my colleague in Seoul who brought me to this place. Its not that bad la. Boleh telan but sorry, not to my liking as I have tekak melayu. Sambal belacan is preferable than Kimchi.

~Chimchige korean food~

That is all the places that we manage to visit during the trip. I thank Seoul for their warmth people (even it is -ve 2 digits below 0 deg C) and the friendliness of their transportation system that can suit us with ms quinny. It is a very nice experience we have and will be nicer if we could come again some other time.

With that,


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MADNESS Trip To Seoul

Can't say that much as I'm super duper busy as my trip to Seoul is just around the corner.


Banyaknya nak kena buat. I bring along all my askar2 kenit and hubby will follow that is the best part.

I can't think anymore. Luckily I have my BB that already have my travel list so I won't forget what to bring.

Horror ok. I hate travel!

Pray for our safety in Seoul will ya!

Scared of the north and south korea issue!

Will update later!

Bersiaran dari dalam LRT OTW back.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coach Wanita


For the first time in my life cik biskut naik coach wanita in komuter!

Brilliant idea betul! Love it so much!

Sepatutnya LRT pun should follow this idea.

Cik biskut on my way to my Mommies Day Out with my BFF.

Will blog bout it later.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whhooottttt! Whhooottttt!

Walau pun dah hari ke-3 today... but still mode happy new year still here!

Trimas to my company coz bagi extra cuti due to victory of Harimau Malaya, so I don't have to take extra leave to send my son first day school. Double celebration.

Started my 1.1.11 with healthy lifestyle. Jogging in Lake Garden and balanced diet for lunch and dinner. Feel blessed.

Will blog about my new year resolution in my next entry. Soon to be revealed.